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Mystery figure Bag! by DaleyBricks

Mystery figure Bag! by DaleyBricks

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This is a small mystery figure product with just 2 figures included and at least 6 accessories! A cheaper option to the mystery box I offer. The rarity of the figures vary, but there will still be opportunities for very expensive figures to come in them!

In these bags you can get rare, uncommon and common figures inside. Prices of figures vary. I will be sure not to put 2 common figures in a single bag :) 


I cannot guarantee all mystery boxes will result in the same figure prices, as they are truly random for each rarity. However, if you feel unsatisfied with your purchase please reach out and we do refunds for cracked/dirty figures, or boxes that were the lowest end price of each tier (though this rarely happens). We hope you have fun opening them!

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