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Mystery Minifigure Box! by DaleyTactics

Mystery Minifigure Box! by DaleyTactics

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This is the Mystery Minifigure! You will receive the following in each box guaranteed!

1x - Common Minifigure (Police, City Folk, battle droids, and more) ($1-$5)

1x - Uncommon Minifigure (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Knights, Harry Potter, and More) ($5 - $10)

1x - Rare Minifigure (Star Wars Troopers, CAC Clones, Marvel Characters, WW2 Minifigs+ Other High End Minifigures) ($11++++)

10x - Random Minifigure Accessories (Brick Arms Weapons, Clone Helmets, Clone weapons, and more)


I cannot guarantee all mystery boxes will result in the same minifigure prices, as they are truly random for each rarity. However, if you feel unsatisfied with your purchase please reach out and we do refunds for cracked/dirty figures, or boxes that were the lowest end price of each tier (though this rarely happens). We hope you have fun opening them!

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